Call for Applications: Zolberg-IRC Spring 2020 Student Fellowship, President’s Office

Project Aim: Foundational research on migration and humanitarian policy to support the President’s Office at the International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Project Description: The President’s Office in the IRC is currently engaged in a series of forward-thinking policy discussions examining the evolution of trends in conflict, displacement, and crisis relief. As the IRC pursues a goal of becoming a policy and thought leader in the humanitarian aid community, engaging with these challenging, cross-cutting policy issues will be critical. This fellow will help achieve that goal by focusing on the following:

  • Help identify key policy debates in the conflict, displacement, and crisis relief space where there has been insufficient critical thinking, but are likely to gain importance over the next decade.
  • Research these policy issues, including developing a literature review and identifying key subject matter experts.  
  • Synthesize research and present information in both written and oral form, highlighting key points of debate that IRC organizational leadership should discuss in greater depth.
  • Assist the President’s Office with additional administrative tasks and short-term research as necessary.

This fellow will get the opportunity to work directly with the IRC’s executive leadership on key policy debates within the migration and humanitarian community. They will get the opportunity to help the president’s staff develop a research plan to explore emerging policy issues and generate a conversation within the organization on to best approach these issues.

Potential Travel: To be determined.

Student skill-sets sought: Humanitarian policy, migration and refugee policy, conflict studies, professional writing, organizational and administrative skills

How to apply: 
The deadline to apply is January 13th, 2020 at 2:00pm. Please submit one document containing a cover letter, CV/resume and three work samples (writing and/or design portfolio – 3-5 pages maximum per sample) to Catherine McGahan,

Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis and interested applicants are encouraged to submit materials ASAP.

Requirements: Students must be a matriculated graduate or PhD student at The New School and in New York during the Spring 2020 semester.

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