7th International Symposium: Identity and Multicultural Politics

Call for Papers

7th International Symposium: Identity and Multicultural Politics


Part of the Research Program on: Recognition, Agency and the Politics of Otherness


Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th of October, 2013



Venue: El Colegio de México (Camino al Ajusco 20, Pedregal de Santa Teresa, 10740)

Main Campus (Sala Alfonso Reyes)


Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico


This trans-disciplinary research project is interested in identifying the conflicting social forces and political realities of multicultural experiences, of the processes of identity formation and of the dynamics of recognition in diverse societal, cultural and political contexts.

Identity claims and social identity formations have become more prevalent, fluid and less fixed throughout societies. People in their local, regional, national and even international contexts are systematically making claims about group identities, which have consequences for politics, social relations and a cultural sense of belonging. In the past decades, important changes have been witnessed in legal procedures, constitutions and cultural normative frameworks that have produced formal legitimation for recognition claims based on identity, as well as political backlashes against these initiatives. What are the lessons to be learned from these complex processes and the considerations to be had for envisioning and contributing to a future politics of recognition?


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