The Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility supports critical and applied scholarship while providing opportunities for social action and policy engagement.  Now is a time for serious scrutiny of the premises, categories and policies that have produced the current historical moment, and for imagining new approaches to understanding human mobility (and immobility).

The Institute fosters scholarship and action in our University, our city, and the world.  We contribute to the University community by offering courses, sponsoring lectures and events, and supporting extended visits of leading scholars.  We engage deeply with New York City, supporting student work with the wide range of groups and communities in the City. We undertake initiatives to inform and influence public debate and policy at national and global levels.

The term “mobility” in the Institute’s name is the key to our mission. It commits us to a dynamic understanding of concepts central to migration studies—borders, citizenship and other forms of membership, the nation-state, forced migration, and climate induced migration. Mobility opens for examination the prevailing political, cultural and economic narratives that influence and are influenced by scholarship, policy and social action.