Alexandra Delano’s Open Letter to Donald Trump Published on The Huffington Post

Prof. and Co-Director Alexandra Delano has published an open letter to Donald Trump.

An Open Letter to Donald Trump on Mexico-US Ties

Dear President-Elect Donald Trump,

I write to you as a citizen of the United States and of Mexico, and as a fellow New Yorker. My American grandmother was brought to Mexico as a teenager when her father was commissioned with the expansion of a soda business there. She met my Mexican grandfather at the American school in Mexico City and spent the rest of her life there working as an English language teacher, instilling in our family the pride and the value of being bicultural and bilingual. During my college years I was fortunate to study in the United States with the support of scholarships specifically geared toward promoting a better understanding of Mexico in the United States and vice versa. Mirroring my grandmother’s story, I married an American whose Jewish family came to the United States from Poland and Romania in the aftermath of the First World War. Our two children are fully bilingual, bicultural and binational, and are proud to call themselves Mexican and American. (Read more)

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