John and Jody Arnhold Renew the Arnhold Foundation Commitment to Educate Leaders in Human Mobility Research and Global Challenges

New York, September 14, 2021 – The New School today announced a $9.125 million commitment by the Arnhold Foundation to benefit the university’s ongoing commitment to research on global issues. The University’s Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility, a leader in research, policy debate, and discussion on global human mobility, will receive $6.125 million. An additional gift of $3 million will be used to create a new university research initiative called the Henry H. Arnhold Forum on Global Challenges. 

The gift to the Zolberg Institute extends the family’s long-standing support of the Institute, which was established in 2014 with an inaugural gift from longtime New School Trustee and benefactor Henry H. Arnhold. The recent gift from the Arnhold Foundation will endow the Institute and provide ongoing fellowship support. 

The Henry H. Arnhold Forum on Global Challenges will foster collaborative research and public programming among existing New School institutes and centers engaged in research on a wide range of global issues. 

Dwight A. McBride, President of The New School, expressed gratitude for the Arnhold family’s continued support for the University. “The New School is deeply grateful to John and Jody Arnhold for their vision and generosity. The Arnhold family’s gift continues the extraordinary legacy of the late Henry H. Arnhold, long-time Trustee and devoted supporter of The New School. These gifts will fund new interdisciplinary research initiatives in areas such as economic inequality, environmental degradation, and sustainable urban systems design. This gift will also expand the Zolberg Institute’s mission to influence global action on issues of migration and mobility and prepare students to address the challenges of our changing world.”

The Zolberg Institute was named for the late Aristide Zolberg, a professor of politics at the University’s New School for Social Research and pioneer in immigration politics, studies of ethnicity, and practices of integration. Directed by former United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees T. Alexander (Alex) Aleinikoff, the Zolberg Institute brings together global scholars to rethink human mobility and advance debates about migration and social justice. It is committed to a dynamic understanding of concepts central to the field of migration studies—borders, citizenship and other forms of membership, the nation-state, forced migration, and migration due to climate change and disasters.

“This generous gift will enable the Zolberg Institute to continue its cutting-edge academic and policy work on the global, national and local level,” said Aleinikoff, who also serves as a University Professor at The New School. “We are enormously grateful to John and Jody Arnhold and the Arnhold Foundation for supporting scholarship and research that has the potential to change policy, both in the United States and abroad.” 

The Henry H. Arnhold Forum will give international visibility to New School activities on global issues. It will bring together scholars from different disciplines, and sponsor conferences and events on issues such as climate change, threats to democracy, and global inequality. The Forum will encourage an interdisciplinary approach to understanding global challenges and a cross-pollination of graduate student training. 

“This gift will foster a connection between scholarship and action. The Zolberg Institute will continue to give our students a deep understanding of the theory of mobility and the workings of the actual refugee and immigrant systems. The Henry H. Arnhold Forum will support many of our Institutes and Centers and will project The New School into some of the major debates of the day,” said William Milberg, Dean of The New School for Social Research. “We are very pleased to be able to honor our longstanding Trustee Henry Arnhold with these far-reaching initiatives.”

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