Jens Dieckmann has a varied national and international practice as Counsel in International Human Rights Law (incl. UN Human Rights Council and European Court of Human Rights) as well as Asylum Law and Immigration Law. In Germany, he has been instructed in more than 9.000 cases in Asylum and Immigration Law since 1996. He has represented and advised private clients from more than 80 different countries. He provides consultancy to Governments and NGOs in the field of International Criminal Law and Asylum Law. Jens Dieckmann can offer clients more than 20 years of high level international litigation and negotiation practice in high profile, complex cases, combined with highly developed advocacy skills. He has worked in and lead international teams of lawyers at various international criminal tribunals (ICC, ICTY). Currently, since 2011, Jens Dieckmann co-represents 103 victims from 6 different African countries in the ICC Banda Case (Darfur). In 2017 he was appointed to the Legal Advisors Conference on Refugee Law of the Independent Welfare Organizations and the UNHCR in Germany. He has been apointed to the Federal Advisory Board on Asylum Law of Amnesyt International, Germany.

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