Call For Applications: Summer Research Fund

The Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility is pleased to announce summer research funding for students at The New School. This will provide support for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing work and scholarship related to the themes of migration and mobility. Students may request up to $1,000 per project application. Award amounts will be determined by the project budget, number of awards issued, and availability of funds. Funds may be used for travel and other research related expenses.

Recipients of the grants will be required to submit a report to the Zolberg Institute in Fall 2018 detailing their project progress, and may be invited to present their work at student brown-bag sessions.

To apply, students should submit a project narrative (no more than 500 words), budget, and CV to Cayce Pack, Associate Director of the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility, at Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

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