CfP – Sea Crossings: The Global Migrant/Refugee Crisis

The Northeast Modern Language Association meeting (neMLA) in Baltimore, MD in March 2017 is hosting a panel entitled “Sea Crossings: The Global Migrant/Refugee Crisis.”

This panel considers the centrality of the space of the sea in the contemporary global migrant/refugee crisis. We invite papers that explore the complexities of the current crisis by addressing issues such as global capitalism, national violence and religious persecution, race and gender, sexual trafficking, precarious labor, and migratory law.  Papers may address current and historical crossings, and they may consider various bodies of water, such as the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea, etc.  Papers that take a cross-disciplinary or interdisciplinary approach are welcome.

Abstracts are due on September 30, 2017.  To submit an abstract, please visit the NeMLA site.


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