Conference on Migration and Public Health at the University of Maryland, Sept. 18-19, 2014

On September 18-19, , the Center for the of the New America and the Center for Health Equity at the University of Maryland will co-host a conference exploring the connections between migration, race, disease, and . Dr. David Satcher, 16th Surgeon General of the United States, will be the keynote speaker. 

Historically, has had as much to do with the movement of disease as with the movement of people. In the United States, Ellis, Angel, and Sullivan Islands began as quarantine stations, and to this day immigrants and their health continue to be a focus of debates. From smallpox to AIDS, immigrants have been the targets of medicalized prejudice and have been stigmatized by associations with disease. After their arrival, immigrants face unique challenges when interacting with doctors, hospitals, and governmental health care professionals. Although their work leaves them vulnerable to injury and disease, immigrants struggle with inequities in access to quality health care.

Health Across : Migration, Disease, Medicine, and Public Health in a Global Age will bring together leading scholars, practitioners, public officials, leaders, and immigrants themselves to explore public health in the age of mass migration. Among other matters, they will address the economics of migration, patterns of prejudice in medical practices, and access to health insurance. 

The is free and open to the public, no registration is required.

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