Deportation World: Event Recap

The Zolberg Institute was pleased to welcome Professor Daniel Kanstroom, who delivered a talk titled: “Deportation World: The Challenges of a New Global Phenomenon.

Daniel Kanstroom is Professor of Law, Thomas F. Carney Distinguished Scholar, Director of the International Program, and Co-Director of the Boston College Center for Human Rights and International Justice. He teaches and Refugee Law, International Human Rights Law, Constitutional Law, and Administrative Law. Professor Kanstroom was the founder of the Boston College Immigration and clinic in which students represent indigent noncitizens and asylum-seekers. Together with his students, he has won many high-profile immigration and asylum cases and has provided counsel for hundreds of clients over more than a decade. Professor Kanstroom’s newest initiative, the Post- Human Rights Project, seeks to conceptualize and develop a new field of law while representing US abroad and undertaking empirical study of the effects of deportation on families and communities.

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