Filming at the Borders: Migrating to Europe Today – Film Series on October 13-28

The Columbia University Maison Française hosts a film series on migration, Filming at the Borders: Migrating to Europe Today, which will take place October 13 – October 28, 2016. For a complete schedule of screenings, please visit:

Filming at the Borders: Migrating to Europe Today
A special film series organized by the Columbia University Maison Française and curated by Nora Philippe

The world today counts more displaced people than at any time since 1945, and Europe is facing the most significant arrival of migrants in the postwar period. Though politicians and the mass media often depict this phenomenon as a threat, filmmakers have created important works that propose alternative perspectives.

This special series presents screenings of ten recent films followed by in-depth discussions with the filmmakers and academic specialists in disciplines ranging from philosophy and history to film studies, sociology and legal studies.

Featured Films
Full program, including film synopses, available here.

Stop-Over by Kaveh Bakhtiari, October 13
The Messengers by Hélène Crouzillat and Laetitia Tura and Border by Laura   
  Waddington, October 14
Hope by Boris Lojkine, October 18
May They Rest in Revolt by Sylvain George, October 19
Burn the Sea by Nathalie Nambot and Maki Berchache, October 20
Le Havre by Aki Kaurismäki, October 25
Welcome to Refugeestan by Anne Poiret, October 26 at 4pm
School of Babel by Julie Bertuccelli, October 26
Special Flight by Fernand Melgar, October 28

Date & Time: October 13-28, 2016; 6:30 PM, unless otherwise noted
Location: East Gallery, Buell Hall at Columbia University (main campus entrance at Broadway and 116th St.)

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