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    Hello!, I am a lawyer from Chile, based in Brussels and a recent graduate from the KU Leuven Master Degree “Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies”. I am currently working as an external collaborator to the NGO Siempre, that works with Latin American women in Belgium. My focus is on gender, migrations and development.



    I am Archana from India. I work with an NGO called Azim Premji Foundation, which focuses on education and teacher capacity building in rural government schools in some of the most backward districts in India. I have a Master’s degree in Literature, where my thesis looked at the element of movement in migration. A part of my work involves working with children from families who have migrated earlier or those from travelling communities to look at how their migration affects their education, especially in early grades. Although I am mostly involved in making education outside their home-language accessible to them, I also work to document common vocabulary, myths and stories from their culture that can be used in classrooms, even if their own language is not available in the prescribed textbooks or syllabus. I became interested in this course as I have been looking at works of fiction and migrant stories portrayed in them, and wanted a grasp on the policy side of things as well.

    It has been nice to read all of your introductions. I look forward to learning from all of you.

    Warm Regards,


    Hi everyone,

    I’m Abdirashid Issack Abdullahi from Nairobi, Kenya. I graduated from Cambridge International College, Inzone(Geneva) University and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology pursued Accounting and Finance in Business and Management, Anatomy and Physiology and BSC. Information Technology respectively. I’m honored to be part and parcel of this wonderful team who are dedicated, knowledge-oriented and self-motivated to achieving a remarkable knowledge and awareness to serve humanity. I would like to say thank you to all the participants in general and the founders and the implementers of this outstanding idea to impower us with the right information required to advocate for equality and human rights.


    Hello from Salta, Argentina!

    I´m Diana Rodriguez, Master Degree in HR and SCR. I work in a private company and I´m interested in Human Rights and the intersection between diversity, gender and indigenous communities.
    It’s a pleasure to be part of this course! Thanks


    Hello everyone!

    My name is Andrés Canelón, a Colombo-Venezuelan lawyer currently living in venezuela. I work as a lawyer and researcher for Proiuris, an NGO dedicated to document cases of human right violations made by police forces in venezuela and to follow the migrants live in the border with Colombia. Im currently ending mi expertice in Humanitarian Law and in the middle of an Msc. on internactional economic negotiations.

    My grandma flee from colombia during the period of time called “la violencia” since then she build a family where Im the 2nd in ending college and the first one pursuing a post-graduate degree. My motivation on this course is beign able to work in the migration area within colombia and venezuela, to help people to ensure their future as mu grandma do.

    Looking forward to know more about all of you!


    Olá á todos!

    Me chamo Waldemir Junior moro em Dourados-MS, Brasil. Sou formado em direito pela Universidade Estadual de Mato Grosso do Sul (UEMS) e atualmente faço mestrado em Fronteiras e Direito Humanos pela Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados (UFGD), DESDE O COMEÇO deste ano. E estou aqui participando deste curso, porque minha tese de dissertação se refere ao Fluxo Migratório Venezuelano no Brasil.
    Tive alguns problemas de acesso a plataforma, mais estou ansioso para apreender.

    Grato a Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility


    Hello everyone, I am a human rights lawyer, currently working in Russia. One of the topics I work on is the situation of migrants from Central Asia in Russia. Previously I worked with various human rights groups and the UN in Russia and Central Asia.
    I had a problem logging in to my account, so ended up re-registering, so apologies for the delayed intro.
    It’s a pleasure to be part of this course


    Hello everyone,

    Pleasure being here and my name is Charles working in migration sector. I have experience in conducting public interest litigation and many other human rights cases though currently working on migration management project. I’m particularly interested to share experiences on how can we mainstream human rights in areas of migration especially where increasing migration is associated with security threats. I hope to learn a lot from others as I also contribute to the course.

    Best, Charles

    Toluwanimi Jaiyebo

    Hello everyone,

    I am Toluwanimi Jaiyebo. I am a qualified lawyer with an LLM in International Human Rights Law and Practice from Centre for Applied Human Rights at the University of York. I currently work for The Salvation Army, UK and Ireland International Development team as an anti-human trafficking project advisor. Prior to working at the Salvation Army, I worked in Nigeria for five years supporting public health, capacity building and anti-trafficking programmes.

    Great to be here.


    Hello everyone,

    My name is Ana Barreto, I am a Brazilian living in NY for the past 5 years working on human rights, migration and racial justice. I am currently the Director of Programs at AfroResistance.
    Looking forward to learn from and connect with you all.


    Hello everyone!

    My name is Camilla Fogli and I’m an Italian young professional working at the crossroads of digital communication & migration policy and research.

    I’m currently an Associate Project Officer at the International Centre for Migration Policy Development. Here, I work in the Policy Unit on a variety of projects dealing with different aspects of migration, from intr-Eu labour mobility to forced displacement.

    My main interests, both in terms of work and learning, revolve around the issues of migration and technological and social innovation.

    I’m really to be able to participate in this course and looking forward to engaging with you all in this interesting and crucial debate!

    All the best,


    I am Isabel Berganza, from Spain but living in Lima Peru.
    I stadied law and sociology. Also a PhD in development studies. I have done several studies about human rights and migrants. So looking forward to learn in these course.
    Best regards


    Hi Everyone,

    I am Christiana Sagay, I am a legal practitioner currently barred in Nigeria with the New York Bar, and the Ontario Bar in View. I hold an LL.M in international legal Studies, and one of my key research and career focus is in the intersection between gender, migration and international development.

    I look forward to learning, as well as the interactions and discussion on the Migration and Human Rights nexus, especially as they pertain to creating a better world for all.



    Hello Everyone,

    I’m Kamilah and I’m from Trinidad and Tobago. I’ve been working in the humanitarian assistance and international development sectors for the past 14 years. I recently completed my MA in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies at the School of Advanced Studies, University of London and I have cultivated interests on questions of statelessness, citizenship and belonging, economic resilence of migrants and climate displacement.

    I currently work in the Venezuelan migrant response in the Southern Caribbean and I also collaborate with OBMICA (Observatorio de migración y desarrollo social en el caribe) where I support research efforts on statelessness and migration in the Caribbean.

    I really look forward to learning from and alongside everyone in the course.


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    Sandra Quijas

    Hi everyone!

    My names is Sandra Quijas, I´m a lawyer in Mexico, I have a master´s degree in Human Rigths and Constitutional Justice. I´m currently studying a PhD in Migration Estudies at El Colegio de la frontera Norte in Tijuana, Mexico.

    Since 2013 I been studying migration, I specialize in refugees and human rights. I have been legal advisor in the “Caravans of Central Americans” that transit in Mexico to the United States.

    It is a pleasure to be in the course with actors interested in the human rights of migrants and refugees!

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