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From Tempest Tossed comes Entry Denied

Entry Denied is an eight-episode series on Trump Administration immigration policies. Co-hosted by Alex Aleinikoff (Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility, The New School) and Deb Amos (National Public Radio), the podcast provides a comprehensive discussion of the origins, content and implications of Trump policies, told by leading journalists, migrants, and academics.

The series shows how Trump accomplished much of what he promised during his presidential campaign:

  • a wall on the southwest border
  • a “Muslim ban”
  • the attempted termination of DACA
  • reduction in refugee admission
  • restrictions on asylum-seekers 
  • a ramp up of interior enforcement 
  • significantly increase deportation
  • attempts to punish “sanctuary cities”
  • reduce legal immigration

The series also focuses on the impact on migrants and migrant communities, hearing the voices of asylum-seekers and refugees, DACA recipients and community members.

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Episode 9


How did COVID-19 provide the Trump Administration the ‘silver bullet’ to accomplish long-standing immigration goals that in fact had little to with the pandemic? And why has COVID had a disproportionate impact on immigrant communities?


With Eli Dvorkin, Editorial & Policy Director of the Center for an Urban Future.
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Episode 8

Enforcement and Immigrant Communities

Trump immigration policies have spread fear through immigrant communities, threatening deportation of long-resident migrants and inflicting deep harms on family members who remain in the United States. 

Enforcement and Immigrant Communities

With Bitta Mostofi, Commissioner of Immigrant Affairs, New York City and Journalist Julia Preston of The Marshall Project.
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Episode 7


Two Presidents have taken actions with dramatic consequences for more than 700,000 "Dreamers." Hear about how DACA came to be, the Supreme Court opinion invalidating President Trump's order to end DACA, and how these actions have affected DACA recipients.


With Cecilia Muñoz, domestic policy advisor to President Obama; law professor Michael Olivas ; and DACA recipient Daniela Alulema.
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Episode 6

Héctor Tobar on Borders of Race

Author and journalist Héctor Tobar joins Alex Aleinikoff and Deb Amos to discuss the how "the Wall" and LatinX immigration are shaping understandings of race and belonging in the United States.

Borders of Race

With Héctor Tobar, journalist and author of 'Translation Nation', 'The Barbarian Nurseries', and 'The Last Great Road Bum', among other novels.
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Episode 5

The Wall

How much of Trump's border wall has been built? Will it stop undocumented migration? What do people living in the border region think about it?

The Wall

With Washington Post reporter Nick Miroff and DW Gibson, author of the recently published 14 Miles: Building the Border Wall.
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Episode 4

Kids in Cages

Journalist Dara Lind describes the origins of the “child separation” policy and its abandonment in the face of public outrage. Dr. Ranit Mishori reports on a study she conducted on the mental health impacts of separation on migrant children.

Kids in Cages

With ProPublica journalist Dara Lind, and Dr. Ranit Mishori, MD, Georgetown Medical School and Physicians for Human Rights.
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Episode 3

Trump's War on Asylum

The New Yorker's Jonathan Blitzer discusses Trump asylum policies, which have stopped asylum-seekers from Central America. Two Guatemalan asylum-seekers, who have been waiting on the Mexican side of the border for months, describe what they have endured in seeking safety in the US.

Trump's War on Asylum

With staff writer with the New Yorker Jonathan Blitzer, and two Guatemalan asylum seekers.
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Episode 2

The Trump Travel Bans

We discuss the travel bans and cuts in refugee admission adopted in the first weeks of the Trump Administration. The episode shows how the travel bans have been “normalized” and the impact of the cuts in the refugee program in hosting communities.

The Trump Travel Bans

With journalist Yeganeh Torbati of ProPublica, a Syrian refugee and Molly Carr, PhD, President and CEO of Jewish Family Services of Buffalo.
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Episode 1

How We Got Here

New York Times reporters Michael Shear and Julie Hershfeld Davis discuss the Trump campaign’s positions on immigration (including “the Wall,” the Muslim ban, ICE enforcement) and the role of Bannon, Miller and Sessions in helping to set the agenda.

How We Got Here

With Julie Hershfeld Davis and Michael Shear, New York Times.
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Alex Aleinikoff

Entry Denied Co-Host
Director, Zolberg Institute

Alex Aleinikoff is University Professor at The New School and Director of the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility.

Deborah Amos

Entry Denied Co-Host
Correspondent, NPR

Deb Amos is an award-winning international correspondent for NPR News, reporting on the Middle East and refugees in the United States.


Golda Arthur

Production Consultant

Golda Arthur is a Senior Producer at Vox Media. 

Sahil Ansari


Sahil Ansari is a record producer, mixer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist.

Eli Aleinikoff

Theme Music Composer

Eli Aleinikoff is a composer, musician, and editor.

Catherine McGahan

Catherine Mcgahan


Catherine McGahan is the Associate Director of the Zolberg Institute.

Production Assistants

Erin Johnson

Graduate Program in International Affairs

Cassidy Giordano

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