Episode Two: First Measures

In this episode

Yeganeh Torbati


Yeganeh Torbati covers the U.S. federal government for ProPublica and is based in Washington, D.C. She was the first to reveal the Trump administration’s detailed plans to penalize foreigners who use public benefits by making it harder for them to get green cards.

Molly Carr, PhD

President and CEO, Jewish Refugee Services of Buffalo

Najati Aytoglo

Syrian Refugee Resettled in Buffalo, NY


Alex Aleinikoff


Deb Amos


Sahil Ansari

Producer and Engineer

Erin Johnson

Production Assistant

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We discuss the travel bans and cuts in refugee admission adopted in the first weeks of the Trump Administration, with journalist Yeganeh Torbati, a Syrian refugee and the director of a refugee resettlement agency in Buffalo, New York.  The episode shows how the travel bans have been “normalized” and the impact of the cuts in the refugee program in hosting communities.


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