Episode three: Trump's war on Asylum

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Jonathan Blitzer

The New Yorker

Jonathan Blitzer is a staff writer at The New Yorker. He won a 2017 National Award for Education Reporting and has twice been a finalist–in 2016 and 2018–for the Livingston Award.

Francisco Chavez

Guatemalan Asylum Seeker

Gaspar Cobo

Guatemalan Asylum Seeker


Alex Aleinikoff


Deb Amos


Sahil Ansari

Producer and Engineer

Erin Johnson

Production Assistant

Cassidy Giordano

Production Assistant

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Jonathan Blitzer, Staff Writer with The New Yorker, discusses Trump policies at the southwest border, which have been virtually stopped the flow of asylum-seekers from Central America. Two Guatemalan asylum-seekers, who have been waiting on the Mexican side of the border for months, describe what they have endured in seeking safety in the US.


Materials Of interest

Relevant Stories by Jonathan Blitzer in The New Yorker

On Mexico

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
Mexico’s position under pressure from US: 
A different type of wall: 
Tariff Threats: 
Unaccompanied Minor at the border: 

Immigration Numbers

Border Policies

Migrant Protection Protocols: 

Fact sheet on application for protection, border processes, and various protocols and policies: “Policies Affecting Asylum Seekers at the Border” – American Immigration Council 

Zero Tolerance:
Family Separation:

And More

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