Episode Four: Kids in Cages

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Dara Lind


Dara Lind covers immigration policy for ProPublica in Washington, DC. Before coming to ProPublica, she spent five years as Vox's immigration reporter; she remains a regular co-host of the Vox podcast "The Weeds." She's been covering immigration in some form since the end of the George W. Bush administration.

Ranit Mishori, MD

Physicians for Human Rights

Dr. Ranit Mishori is Professor of Family Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine. She is an expert consultant for Physicians for Human Rights.

Asylum Seekers' Stories

Kids in Need of Defense

With thanks to the asylum seekers who shared their personal stories with Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), and with thanks to KIND for permitting Entry Denied to tell those stories in this episode.


Alex Aleinikoff


Deb Amos


Sahil Ansari

Producer and Engineer

Camila Figueroa Restrepo

Production Assistant

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Journalist Dara Lind describes the origins of the “child separation” policy and its abandonment in the face of public outrage.  Dr. Ranit Mishori reports on a study she conducted on the mental health impacts of separation on migrant children.


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