Multiple Mobilities

The Multiple Mobilities Cluster is an working group at The New School focused on the political, aesthetic, phenomenological and spatial mechanisms that produce and disrupt the effects of bordering. Generally located at the intersection of social research and creative , the group has undertaken both collective and individual fieldwork and research at the of US-, -China- and Spain-Morocco. 

The group is Victoria Hattam (NSSR), Laura Y. Liu (Lang), Radhika Subramaniam (Parsons), Miriam Ticktin (NSSR) and Rafi Youatt (NSSR).

The co-authored five-part image-text essay, Images Unwalled (Anthropology Now, Vol. 9, No. 3, Fall 2017), exploring the visual registers of politics, particularly the and tenacity of images in everyday public spheres. 

Stemming from the Multiple Mobilities Research Cluster was the Sawyer Seminar on Imaginative Mobilities, which aimed to shift the away from the frame of open or closed borders, to re-imagine the meaning and design of borders.

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