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The Great Immobility

We will learn many lessons from the coronavirus pandemic: the need for guaranteed universal health care and paid sick leave in the United States; the huge danger that comes from undermining federal experts and agencies; the ability to make very large financial commitments when crisis strikes. (Next up, climate change.)

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Global Compact for Refugees 2.0

The Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility at The New School and the Center for International Cooperation at New York University convened a second meeting of experts on refugee law and policy to deliberate on, and to make concrete recommendations for, the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR). The meeting was convened with support from the Open Society Policy Center and held at the offices of the Open Society Foundations in New York City.

The following are working papers prepared by the Experts Group and constitute the second rendition of the Global Compact on Refugees. Papers may be quoted or cited only with express permission from the author.

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Reimagine the Canals: Public Engagement Report

Zolberg Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow Samantha Fox co-authored a community engagement report on the Erie Canal. “On May 17, 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the Reimagine the Canals Initiative, which seeks to strengthen the Erie Canal for the 21st century. Engagement with the public and community stakeholders is a critical component

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Change in Motion: Environment, Migration, and Mobilities

Call for Papers: Workshop at the Pacific Regional Office of the German Historical Institute in Berkeley Academics, journalists, NGOs, and institutions of global governance increasingly speak of ‘environmental migrants’ and ‘climate refugees.’ But what separates an environmental migrant or climate refugee from another migrant, refugee, or asylum-seeker? In international security

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