Faculty Publications

Please find below a non-exhaustive list of publications by faculty fellows and members of the advisory board, organized thematically.

Borders and Sovereignty

Ticktin, Miriam. (2015) “Los problemas de las fronteras humanitarias” (The Problem with Humanitarian Borders), Revista de Delalectología y Tradiciones Populares  LXX (2): 291-97(special issue: “Migration and Refuge in the Mediterranean, Beyond Borders” ed. Liliana Suarez Navaz), Julio-diciembre.

Pisano, Jessica. (2011). “Opting Out under Stalin and Khrushchev: Post-War Sovietization in a Borderlands Magyar Village,” Problems of Post-Communism, 58:1, pp. 58-66.

Kalyvas, Andreas. (2005). “The Sovereign Weaver: Beyond the Camp,” in Politics, Metaphysics, and Death: Essays on Giorgio Agamben’s Homo Sacer, edited by Andrew Norris, Duke University Press.

Pisano, Jessica & Simonyi, André. (2011). “The Social Life of Borders: Political economy at the edge of the EU” in Joan DeBardeleben and Achim Hurrelmann (eds.), Transnational Europe: Promise—Paradox—Limits: 222-238.

Pisano, Jessica. (2009).  “From Iron Curtain to Golden Curtain: Remaking Identity in the European Union Borderlands,” East European Politics and Societies, 23:2, pp. 266-290.

Ticktin, Miriam, (2008), Sexual Violence as the Language of Border Control: Where French Feminist and Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Meet Signs: Journal of Women and Culture in Society 33 (4) Summer, 2008: 863-889.

Ticktin, Miriam, (2008), A Transnational Conversation on French Colonialism, Immigration, Violence and Sovereignty  with Paola Bachetta and Ruth Marshall, Special Issue of The Scholar and Feminist Online, “Borders on Belonging: Gender and Immigration,” ed. Neferti Tadiar, 6 (3), Summer 2008.

Health, Body, and Food

Chang, Doris F. & Yoon, P. (2011). “Clients’ perceptions of the significance and impact of race in cross-racial therapy.” Psychotherapy Research, 21(5), 567-582.

Chang, Doris F. & Berk, A. (2009). “Making cross-racial therapy work: A phenomenological study of clients’ experiences of cross-racial therapy,” Journal of Counseling Psychology, 56(4), 521-536.

Chang, Doris. (2003). “An Introduction to the Politics of Science: Culture, Race, and Ethnicity and the Supplement to the Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health,” Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry.

Délano, Alexandra. (2014).“Food Business and the American Dream: Gateway or Obstacle?” Social Research, Volume 81, Number 2.

Parasecoli, Fabio. (2014). “Savoring Semiotics: food in intercultural communication”. Social Semiotics, Vol. 21, No. 5: 645-663.

Parasecoli, Fabio. (2014) “Food, Identity, and Cultural Reproduction in Immigrant Communities” in Social Research. Special Issue: Food & Migration; Vol. 81, No. 2: 417-442.

Parasecoli, Fabio.(2014) “Representations of Caribbean Food in U.S. Popular Culture”. In: Wiebke Beuhausen, Anne Bruske, Ana-Sofia Commichau, Patrick Helder, Sinah Kloss (eds), Caribbean Food Cultures: Culinary Practices and Consumption In the Caribbean and Its Diasporas. Verlag, Bielefeld: transcript, 133-150.

Parasecoli, Fabio.(2014). “We Are Family – Ethnic Food Marketing and the Consumption of Authenticity in Italian-Themed Chain Restaurants”. In: Simone Cinotto (ed), Making Italian America: Consumer Culture and the Production of Ethic Identities. Bronx, NY: Fordham University Press, 244-301.

Labor and Globalization

Bach, Jonathan. (2010). “Remittances, Gender, and Development.” In: Marianne H. Marchand and Anne Sisson Runyan, Gender and Global Restructuring: Sightings, Sites, and Resistances. New York: Routledge.

Bach, Jonathan & Scott Solomon, Michael. (2008). “Labors of Globalization: Emergent State Responses,” New Global Studies,vol. 2, no. 2.

Ghilarducci, Teresa, (2015) What Effect Will Migration Have on European Wages?The Atlantic, September 9, 2015. 

Migrants, Citizenship, and Humanitarianism

Bach, Jonathan. (2011). “Extending Political Rights to Citizens Abroad: Implications for the Nation-State.” Working Paper Series, Graduate Program in International Affairs, The New School.

Delano, Alexandra. (2016).“Mexicans in the United States: In Pursuit of Inclusion”, Current History, November 2016, pp. 305-311.

Délano, Alexandra & Nienass, Benjamin. (2014).“Invisible Victims: Undocumented Migrants and the Aftermath of September 11,” Politics and Society, Vol. 42, no. 3, pp. 399-421.

Forment, A. Carlos, (2015), “Ordinary Ethics and the Emergence of Plebeian Democracy across the Global South: Buenos Aires’s La Salada Market”Current Anthropology, 56(S11), pp. S116-S125.

McNevin, Anne. (2013). “Ambivalence and Citizenship: Theorising the Political Claims of Irregular Migrants,” Millennium, 41(2), pp. 182-200.

McNevin, Anne, Antje Missbach & Deddy Mulyana. (2016). “The Rationalities of Migration Management: Control and Subversion in an Indonesia-based Counter-Smuggling Campaign,” International Political Sociology, 10(3), 2016: 223-240.

McNevin, Anne. (2014). “Forced Migration in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific” in Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh et. al. (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Refugee and Forced Migration. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Pp.639-650.

McNevin, Anne. (2014). “Global Migration and Mobility: Conceptual Approaches, Governing Rationalities and Social Transformations” in Manfred Steger, Paul Battersby and Joseph Siracus (eds.) Sage Handbook of Globalization, London: Sage. Pp.644-661.

Ticktin, Miriam. (2016) “What’s Wrong with Innocence”  Hot Spots, Cultural Anthropology website.

Ticktin, Miriam, (2015) “Humanitarianism’s History of the Singular” Grey Room, 61, Fall 2015, pp. 81-86.

Ticktin, Miriam, (2015) Non-Human Suffering: A Humanitarian Project The Clinic and The Courtroom, eds. Tobias Kelly, Ian Harper and Ashkay Khanna. Cambridge University Press. 2015. Pp. 49-71.

Ticktin, Miriam,  (2014), “Humanitarianism as Planetary Politics” At the Limits of Justice: Women of Colour on Terror,  eds. Suvendrini Perera and Sherene Razack. University of Toronto Press. Pp. 406-420.

Ticktin, Miriam. (2014) “Transnational Humanitarianism.” Annual Review of Anthropology, 43: 273-289.

Ticktin, Miriam, (2011),  The Gendered Human of Humanitarianism: Medicalizing and Politicizing Sexual Violence Gender and History 23 (2), August 2011: 250-265

Ticktin, Miriam,  (2011), “How Biology Travels: A Humanitarian Trip Body and Society 17 (2&3), 2011:139-158

Ticktin, Miriam. (2011). Casualties of Care: Immigration and the Politics of Humanitarianism in France. Berkeley: University of California Press.

McNevin, Anne. (2011). Contesting Citizenship: Irregular Migrants and New Frontiers of the Political. New York: Columbia University Press.

Politics of Memory

Délano, Alexandra & Nienass, Benjamin. (2015).“Making Absence Present: The September 11 Memorial,”Routledge Handbook of Memory Studies edited by Anna Lisa Tota and Trever Hagen.

Hattam, Victoria, (2016). “Imperial Designs: Remembering Vietnam at the US-Mexico Border Wall“, Memory Studies, Vol.9 (I), 27-47.

Hattam, Victoria. (2004). “The 1964 Civil Rights Act: Narrating the Past, Authorizing the Future,” Studies in American Political Development, Spring 18: 60-69.


Farman, Abou. (2017) In Defense of Sanctuary. The Baffler, April 6, 2017.

Ticktin, Miriam. (2017) The Sanctuary Movement & Women’s Rights: Sister Struggles. Truth Out, April 29, 2017.


Bach, Jonathan, Mary Ann O’Donnell and Winnie Wong (eds.). (2017) Learning From Shenzhen: China’s Post-Mao Experiment from Special Zone to Model City, The University of Chicago Press.

Bach, Jonathan. (2010) “Peasants into Citizens: Urban Villages in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone,”Cultural Anthropology Vol. 25, No.3.

Liu, Laura. (2007). “Blank Slates and Disaster Zones: The State, September 11, and the Displacement of Chinatown.” In Indefensible Space: The Architecture of the National Insecurity State. Ed. Michael Sorkin. New York: Routledge.

Liu, Laura. (2006). “Counterhegemony and Context: Racial Crisis, Warfare and Real Estate in the Neoliberal City,” Urban Geography, Vol. 27, No. 8, pp. 714-721.

McNevin, Anne. (2014). “Beyond Territoriality: Rethinking Human Mobility, Border Security and Geopolitical Space from the Indonesian Island of Bintan,” Security Dialogue, 45(3), pp. 295 – 310.

Ticktin, Miriam. (2016) “Calais: Containment Politics in the ‘Jungle’” The Funambulist: Politics of Space and Bodies. 05 (May-June): 28-33.

Transnational Politics

Délano, Alexandra. (2017), “Incorporation, development, migrant organizations and state responsibility across borders”, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol 40, Issue 3.

Délano, Alexandra & Gamlen, Alan. (2015), Comparing and Theorizing State-Diaspora Relations, in Diasporas Reimagined: Spaces, Practices, and Belongings, edited by N. Sigona, A. Gamlen, G. Liberatore and H. Neveu Kringelbach, Oxford Diasporas Programme, Oxford, 2015.

Délano, Alexandra & Gamlen, Alan. (2014).“Comparing and Theorizing State-Diaspora Relations”, Political Geography, Vol. 41, pp. 43-53.

Délano, Alexandra. (2014).“The Diffusion of Diaspora Engagement Policies: A Latin American Agenda”, Political Geography, Vol. 41, pp. 90-100.

Délano, Alexandra. (2011). Mexico and Its Diaspora in the United States: Emigration Policies Since 1848, New York: Cambridge University Press.

Race & Ethnicity

Hattam, Victoria & Yescas, Carlos. (2010). “From Immigration and Race to Sex and Faith: Reimagining the Politics of Opposition,” Social Research, 77, 1.

Hattam, Victoria. (2007). In the Shadow of Race: Jews, Latinos, and Immigrant Politics in the United States. University of Chicago Press.

Hattam, Victoria. (2005). “Ethnicity & the boundaries of race: rereading Directive 15,” Daedalus, 134, 1.

Hattam, Victoria. (2004). “Ethnicity: An American Genealogy,” in Nancy Foner and George M. Fredrickson (eds.), Not Just Black and White: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States.

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