Migrant Membership and Memory Politics Research Cluster Announced

The Clusters funding initiative was launched by the Provost’s Office this year to support inter-divisional collaborative research, to capture new intellectual synergies of The New School, to seed research that has high potential for sustained external funding, and to make work more visible. The four Research Clusters at the university were just announced earlier this month!

Migrant Membership and Politics
Alexandra Délano (NSPE) and Robert Kirkbride (Parsons), co-directors
Jonathan Bach (NSPE), Victoria Hattam (NSSR), Bill Hirst (NSSR), Benjamin Nienass (NSPE)

The Cluster will explore national sites in which rights and ideas of are negotiated from the perspective of memory and migration. The group will examine the decisions to include or exclude from sites of remembrance, the ways in which they are made visible or not to the public, and underlying questions of belonging and nationhood.

Find out more about the Research Clusters funding initiative.

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