Emma Letcher

Student Fellow

Emma Letcher will graduate from Eugene Lang College with a degree in anthropology and interdisciplinary science. With a strong focus on community and social justice, her has involved the study of , human , politics, with a specific focus Israel and . In - she studied in Haifa, in spring completed a field project in Jordan, and in summer 2018 received an award to study health in Malta. As a program assistant for an NGO dedicated to supporting girls’ health and education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, she contributed to grant writing, organized fundraising events, and coordinated volunteer responsibilities. Based on her work with displaced Syrians she co-authored a report based on the findings of the Manufacturing Landscapes: The Politics and Practices of the Jordan Refugee Compact. Emma will complete her senior thesis focused the healthcare support systems for those living with dementia in Malta, interviewing government officials, researchers at the university, and those working locally in the elderly home.

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