Mónica Salmón Gómez

Student Fellow

Mónica Salmón Gómez is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Sociology at the New School for Social Research (NSSR). She is a fellow student and the Research Assistant at the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility. She is an honorary member of the Network of Colombians Victims for Peace Latin America and the Caribbean (Revicpaz-Lac for its initials in Spanish). She holds a BA in International Relations from ITESO and a Masters in Social Sciences from the Universidad de Guadalajara in Mexico. Mónica co-founded FM4 Paso Libre (NGO in defense of the human rights of migrants in transit during their journey through Mexico), coordinated it from 2009 to October 2014, and is a current board member. From 2015 to 2016 she was the regional coordinator of knowledge management and networks at Asylum Access Latin America, where she coordinated the Regional Working Group for the Brazil Action Plan (GAR-PAB for its initials in Spanish), a Latin America network of more than 40 civil society organizations that work on international protection. From this position, she encouraged the creation of the Revicpaz-Lac. In 2013, she received the Jalisco Women Award granted by the Jalisco Woman Institute, for her outstanding humanitarian work on behalf of migrants and refugees. In addition, she received the UVM Award for Social Development 2013 and the Irene Robledo García Award 2014 for outstanding women granted by the Guadalajara City Council and is winner of the President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship in its fifth convocation (2015-2016), organized by the National University of San Martin of Argentina and the Latin American Observatory (OLA) at The New School, New York. Her research topics focus on international migration, borders, illegalization, international protection, human rights, and migration policies.

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