Reimagine Belonging – With Wings and Roots – September 19th at 5.30pm

Reimagine BelongingThe Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility proudly announces “Reimagine Belonging.” The event co-sponsored by the Zolberg Institute is organized by With Wings and Roots, and marks the launch of the interactive website

Visitors will attend a panel discussion on the intersections of immigrant rights, racial justice, and visions of citizenship; explore an installation of timelines of migration, citizenship, and belonging; and have the chance to share their own stories for the site.

With Wings and Roots (WWAR) is a transmedia and education project that seeks to provide a safe platform for an interactive discussion regarding identity, immigration and issues of belonging. This multifaceted project is an educational initiative designed to fill the gap between the discourse on immigration issues and the historical and contemporary reality that migrants face. The main feature of WWAR’s interactive timeline is that it documents the history of immigration starting from before it was conceptually acknowledged as such to present day. This timeline allows participants to add their own stories of immigration by uploading videos and comments to the website.This element is one of the many dimensions that makes the timeline an innovative tool within the overall subject of immigration as it allows users to actively participate and contribute to the learning of history as opposed to traditional models of learning.

Also partners for this event are Humanity in Action and The New School Student Senate.


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September 19th 2015 at 5.30-8.30pm

The Bob and Sheila Hoerle Lecture Hall/Hoerle Lecture Hall, UL105 and The Event Café (lower level)

63 Fifth Avenue, New York NY


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