Remembering Henry H. Arnhold

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     The Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility mourns the passing of Henry H. Arnhold. Henry was our dear friend, a member of the Institute’s advisory board, and a committed partner in sponsoring world-class academic and policy research. Above all, he was dedicated to supporting New School students in their pursuit of careers that would improve the lives of immigrants and refugees.
     As a trustee of The New School, Henry had long been a devoted supporter of the university. In 2016, a magnanimous gift to the Zolberg Institute established an endowed professorship and transformed our work. Among the many initiatives made possible by Henry’s generosity, the Institute has supported faculty and student research, created six new migration courses at The New School, and launched a fellowship program with the International Rescue Committee that provides substantial stipends for students. In the last year alone, students and faculty conducted migration research in more than ten countries. We have Henry’s vision and investment to thank for the steps we have been able to take forward.
     We have lost a leader, advisor, and trusted friend. We take solace from the knowledge that Henry’s lifelong commitment to refugee and migration issues will continue to animate the work of the Institute as future scholars, activists and practitioners are inspired, supported and trained by what he has made possible.

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