Social Inclusion journal – call for papers for special issue “Policing Ethnicity: Between the Rhetoric of Inclusion and the Practices and Policies of Exclusion”

The open access journal Social Inclusion will launch a special issue under the title “Policing Ethnicity: Between the Rhetoric of Inclusion and the Practices and Policies of Exclusion”.

Guest Editors:

Professor Abby Peterson
Department of Sociology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden; E-Mail:

Professor Malin Åkerström
Department of Sociology, University of Lund, Sweden; E-Mail:

Deadline for Submissions: 15 November 2013 (abstract) | 15 February 2014 (first draft) | 15 June 2014 (full paper)

Information: Policing will be broadly understood in the special issue as all those activities involved in the provision of security and/or the maintenance of order, expanding our gaze from the usual criminal justice agencies to include the new multiple modes of policing, for example, private security, policing partnerships with local authorities and civil society associations, etc. The articles interrogate in different ways policing as the patterns of social control, or governance of inclusion and exclusion, along the dynamic and interrelated dimensions of ethnicity, class and gender. How is the provision of (physical) security by the new multiple modes of policing constructing a topography of ‘insiders’ who enjoy the benefits of policing and ‘outsiders’ who bear the burdens? Who and in what ways are some consigned to the ‘outside’ and others are invited ‘inside’? How and in way ways are countries policing their borders, both internal and external? The articles will address how the rhetoric of inclusion is all too often at odds with the practices and policies of exclusion and control.

Keywords: borders; ethnicity; exclusion; governance; inclusion; policing

Instructions for Authors: Authors interested in submitting a paper to this Special Issue are kindly asked to consult the Instructions for Authors and confirm their interest by email to Mr. António Vieira (


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