The Center for Migration Studies (CMS)- A Dialogue on ‘The Use and Spread of Detention Policies as Tools of Immigration Control’

The Center for Studies (CMS) is hosting a dialogue entitled The Use and Spread of Policies As Tools of Control. The conversation will be between Michael Flynn the founder and lead project manager of the Global Detention Project and Dora Schiro who was the Special Advisor to Janet Napolitano, the former Secretary of the Department of (DHS). This event will take place July 21st, from 10 am – 11:30 am at the Center for Migration Studies – you can find their address below.

If interested, please register in advance here. Any questions can be directed to either Nicole Ostrand, or Rachel Reyes


Center for Migration Studies

307 East 60th Street, 6th Floor

New York, NY 10022

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