The Challenges and Opportunities of Diversity in New Immigrant Destinations

The Challenges and Opportunities of Diversity in New Immigrant Destinations

October 11-12,

Trinity College, Hartford, CT
Full Program:

Sponsored by the Trinity Political Science Department with the support of the Albert L. E. Gastmann Fund in International Organizations and Programs, Center for and Global Studies, and Cesare Barbieri Endowment.

Description: The transatlantic will convene approximately 20 American and European scholars who will address the major challenges and opportunities posed by the increasing dispersion of immigrants to new destinations – i.e., countries, regions, and in the and Europe – that until relatively recently have not been home to immigrants for at least a century. Such destinations often lack a pre-existing infrastructure to support immigrant , thus raising questions about how governments are responding and how well immigrants are currently being incorporated. The conference will be divided into three pairs of panels, each with a consecutive U.S. and European session, followed by a joint roundtable , and it will be organized around the following themes:

• Political Incorporation of

amidst Immigrant Dispersion

• Migration to Regions of Historical Ethnic/Racial

Although seating is limited, those who wish to attend the conference should contact Ms. Mary Beth White at as soon as possible. A $100 registration fee to cover meals and administrative expenses will be assessed to all non-conference participants.

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