Two Funded PhD Positions at the Maastricht Centre for Citizenship, Migration and Development

Two Funded PhD Positions (4 years) at the Maastricht Centre for , Migration and (MACIMIDE)

The Executive Board and the Deans of Maastricht University have recently decided to give an extra financial boost to the interfaculty and interdisciplinary Maastricht Centre for Citizenship, Migration and Development (MACIMIDE). As part of this new initiative, a number of PhD and Postdoc positions will be opening up in the second half of and first half of at the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance / UNU-MERIT.

PhD Candidate, The Citizenship Premium, 1.0 fte
Department of Political Science, affiliated to the Graduate School Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Reference number: AT2013.137
This PhD project aims to examine the relevance of citizenship acquisition for the socioeconomic, sociocultural and political integration of immigrants. Its overall research objective is to study whether citizenship, understood as a legal status, makes a difference from the perspective of immigrant integration. The project will develop and test a series of hypotheses on the ‘citizenship premium’ and will analyze the impact of naturalization on labour market as well as a broader set of social capital indicators, such as political participation, volunteering, social contacts, trust in others and trust in (political) institutions. The project will specifically investigate the relevance of citizenship policy, by looking at the impact of changes in policies over time, in the Netherlands, as well as comparing the Dutch findings with those from other European countries. This PhD project falls under the ‘Citizenship and Immigrant Integration’ theme of MACIMIDE and will also involve scientific collaboration with Statistics Netherlands.
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PhD Candidate, Mobile Children, 1.0 fte
Department of Technology and Society Studies, affiliated to the Graduate School Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Reference number: AT2013.138
Children of circulate between their parents’ origin country and the host country more than is acknowledged. They may go ‘home’ on school vacations, or return for longer periods of time with or without their parents, or be forced to return due to their parents’ legal status in the host country. This impacts children’s wellbeing as well as their educational outcomes in many ways. This PhD project examines the effects of circulation on children’s lives focusing on a) children’s own perceptions; b) parents’ perceptions, and; c) schools’ assessments and distinguishing by the different reasons for circulation. The project is multi-sited as it will follow children between The Netherlands and an African country. This project falls under the ‘ Families’ research theme of MACIMIDE and will be hosted by the Globalisation, Transnationalism and Development research programme of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
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The deadline for submitting your application is 30 September, 2013

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