Urgent Call To All New School Students: Sanctuary Banner to Protect Immigrants, Other Targeted Populations

The call, from a coalition of individuals and groups working alongside the official New Coalition NYC, is for a graphic design that would convincingly convey the principles and politics of the Sanctuary project to all. The design (to be used on pins, stickers, posters, etc.) will be posted by organizations, institutions or individuals that want to demonstrate their support for or status as sanctuary. Please check the information sheet that lays down some of the of the Sanctuary and the related concepts.
After the recent , many communities have felt more vulnerable than ever. ’s rhetoric, Federal  enforcement authorities and parts of the populace have been lined up against but also against nonwhite immigrants, Arab and Muslim citizens, people of color, activists and dissenters of any stripe. It is important that we be able to say NO! to such actions, policies and laws.
The design should provide the movement with a graphic , embody the motto of the coalition – ‘a radical
welcome’ – and include the word sanctuary.
● Submission deadline: February 1, 2017
● Submit to: sanctuarydesignsubmission@gmail.com
● Questions: Abou Farman afarman@newschool.edu

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