Zolberg-IRC Fellows – Fall 2020

Meet the Fall 2020 Zolberg-IRC Fellowship cohort!

Daniela Castillo

Daniela Castillo

Latin America Design Fellow

Daniela Castillo will be working with Shirley Rodrigues as Latin America Design fellow. She is currently pursuing her MS in Design and Urban Ecologies at Parsons. She is interested in abolition geographies, mapping, mutual aid networks, mobilities, and ecologies of care. She previously worked as a Research Assistant at Healthy Materials Lab.

Patrick Ciaschi

Blended Learning Designer/Developer - Emergency Capacity Building

Patrick Ciaschi will be working with Christine Amy as Blended Learning Designer/Developer -Emergency Capacity Strengthening. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Politics, and is researching the politics of nativism in current day Hungary and its intersections with regimes of care. He has worked as an Instructional Designer with the tech education company Top Hat.

Patrick Ciaschi

Andrea Edman

Signpost Fellow

Andrea Edman will be working with Andre Heller the as Signpost Fellow. She is currently pursuing her MS GPIA and Gender and Sexuality Certificate. Her capstone research is focused on gendered intervention programming for refugee communities, internally displaced persons and urban settlement communities. She has previous work experience as Campaign Officer at Equality Now.

Zishan Jiwani

Mental Health Fellow

Zishan Jiwani is working with Marie-France Guimond and Eva Kaplan on mental health interventions in Jordan and Tanzania. He is pursuing a graduate degree in Psychology, and his research interests include Global Mental Health, parenting, trauma, mindfulness and memory. His master’s thesis research will seek to better understand the relationship between maternal self-efficacy, attachment trauma and mental health in low-resource contexts in rural India.

Zishan Jiwani

Daniel Ozoukou

Strengthening Prevention and Reintegration for Children (SPARC): Evidence and Action for Children in Armed Conflict - Research Design Fellow

Daniel Ozoukou will be working with Alexandra Blackwell as Research and Design Fellow, SPARC Project: Evidence and Action for Children in Armed Conflict. He is currently pursuing an MSc in International Affairs, and his previous experience includes work as a Political Affairs Officer for the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic.

Sudeepti Rachakonda

Autonomous Learning Fellow

Sudeepti Rachakonda will be working with Sylvia Sable as Autonomous learning fellow. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Transdisciplinary Design at the Parsons School of Design. She is interested in youth-centered design and has helped create digital solutions for Fortune 100 clients at IBM and taught middle school math.

Sandra Rincon

Governance Fellow

Sandra Rincon will be working with Katja Starc-Card as Governance Research Fellow. She is a third year PhD student in the Program of Public and Urban Policy at the Milano School. She is interested in governance, mobility, and the role of justice in planning. Sandra has ten years of experience working with national agencies and local governments in Colombia.

Olivia Steiert

Marketing and Communications in Humanitarian Settings Fellow

Olivia Steiert is workig with Chelsea Graham and Alex Bandea on marketing and communications for Airbel. Olivia is a Sociology PhD student, and she is interested in social theory and cultural sociology, symbolism and discourse special interest in social movements and identities, nationalism and gender. Her PhD research focuses on the current global youth movements for political action on climate change.

Vaidehi Supatkar

Middle East Design Fellow

Vaidehi Supatkar is working with Ayah Younis as Middle East Design Fellow. Through her thesis, she is exploring alternate models of learning, specifically looking at decoloniality and indigenous knowledge systems to potentially realize design practice in humanitarian aid. She has worked as a UX researcher and designer in the public health space with governments and humanitarian actors.

Julia Wieslava Szagdaj

Research Toolkit Design Fellow

Julia Wieslawa Szagdaj will be working as Research Toolkit Design Fellow with Kate Falb and Marie-France Guimond. She is currently pursing her MFA in Transdisciplinary Design at Parsons. Julia is an experimentalist, speculative futurist, and design-led researcher. She is also the founder of a social start-up called RezerwujSport.

Tejaswini Vavilala

Leadership Training and Curriculum Development Fellow

Tejaswini Vavilala will be working with Marissa Bell as Leadership training and curriculum development fellow. She is pursuing her MS in International Affairs, and is interested in the United Nations and development financing. She has experience in public relations and communications-related roles across non-profits and corporate entities in India and the United States.

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