A group of legal experts and advocates today launched the Global Strategic Litigation Council for Refugee Rights. The Council forms at a time when the rights of people on the move – including more than 20.7 million refugees – are under attack around the world. With a founding membership of twenty-eight groups and individuals drawn from every world region, the Council will serve as a hub for activists seeking to use strategic litigation and related legal advocacy to advance the protection of refugee rights and the consistent and progressive development of international law worldwide. The Council is the first of its kind to undertake coordinated transnational legal advocacy on the rights of refugees or other migrants.

Through the work of the Council, activists and academic experts working around the world will identify areas of opportunity for strategic litigation efforts and then help lawyers bringing cases that touch on these themes.

GSLC Member Hub

Council Members have access to a private hub, which contains information about the working groups, Steering Committee meetings, and other pertinent information. This hub is password protected to ensure only Council Members have access.


The GSLC will send quarterly newsletters to all who are interested in receiving updates. 

Interested in joining the GSLC? Complete the below form.

Founding Council Membership

(Steering Committee members denoted in blue)

Fatima Khan

South Africa

Kirsteen Lau

Hong Kong

Itamar Mann


Shana Tabak

United States

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